Services: One Stop Shop for Every Equestrian’s Repair Needs

Wondering where you can go to get your gear and your horse’s tack repaired? Look no further. Here are just some of the services we offer. 

Bridle and reins: We can remove flash attachments from bridles or add them for you. We can also do size adjustments, such as shortening cheek pieces or lengthening brow bands.  We can re-stich, repair or replace any leather pieces of your bridle and reins. We can also replace any keepers on your bridle. 

Chest plates, martingales, crupper, or misc leather tack: We can re-stich what is coming loose, and we can do repairs and alterations on any leather tack.

Cleaning/Polishing/Conditioning: For your saddle, boots, bridle, or anything leather, the team at ShoeMedic can carefully hand clean your products to make them look good as new. Perfect for before a show, when you want everything looking brand new again. 

Foot and Legwear: We can give your boots a new life with brand new soles and heels. If you have boot calves that are a bit too tight, we can slightly stretch them. If they are too loose, we can take them in. We can do the same resizing for half and chaps!

Girth: Overtime, the elastic in a girth can wear out. We can replace the elastics, as well as re-stitch the leather if they’ve been through a lot of wear and tear.  

Saddle: We can do any leather replacements, such as knee roll replacements or a leather replacement on the horn. We can repair any scratches or tears in the saddle and make it as good as new. We can repair, re-stitch or replace billets. In addition, we can re-stitch billets or re-stich the panel to the sweat flap or replace keepers. 

Stirrup Leathers: Whether you need them re-stitched, repaired, or replaced- ShoeMedic can take care of them for you. If they are beyond repair, we will ensure that we find the perfect color match for your saddle- or any color you want!

Zipper Repairs/Replacements: Whether it’s your boots, half-chaps, a vest, or your horse’s blanket that has a broken zipper, we can fix it or replace it. 

Does your tack need something else? Reach out! Chances are, we can help.  


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