Look no further for handbag repair in Toronto. Here is a bit more details on the services we can provide to help restore your purse to it’s original glory:

Clean/Wash: The outside of a bag will be professionally hand-cleaned to minimize surface-level dirt .  For fabrics, suede, and coated canvas, the washing choice is most suitable. Deep discoloring, dark spots, ink, or dye transfer cannot be eliminated by washing.

Cleaning of Interior: We can clean liners that are lightly soiled and/or worn. We are also able to clean the lining to sanitize them.

Conditioning: A leather bag that has a natural leather finish can be conditioned with luxury Saphir Renovateur Cream after being washed to hydrate the leather and retain the original look.

Handle/ Strap Replacement:  ShoeMedic is the best choice for bag strap repair in Toronto. Using the best possible leather match, we can custom produce leather handles and straps to match most original designs. We will fulfill your request if you’d like your new customized strap to be longer or shorter. We can add tabs with rings to attach a custom-made strap if your bag does not already have a crossbody strap.

Hardware: Here at ShoeMedic, we can repair, replace, and re-plate all of the hardware and embellishments on your bags. We can also add feet to your bag for added protection from dirty floors and surfaces. Our innovative ideas for enhancing bags is what makes us known for luggage repair in Toronto.

Interior Lining Replacement: If a liner is badly frayed or seriously stained beyond repair, we can replace it completely. For replacement liners, we have a range of leather color choices to use for replicating the original pockets / sections in the liner.

Interior Stitching:  We can sew the interior lining of your bag along the original stitch line when an internal seam becomes unsewn.

Protection: Allowing us to apply a water and stain protector to your bag is always recommended, to reduce future ShoeMedic visits!

Refinish Handles: Because of the oils from your hands that can transfer to your bag while holding it, the leather on handles can sometimes fade or get dirty. To restore the handle color, we can custom mix colors to match the original finish.

Refinish/Dye Leather: You won’t have to look any further if you’re looking for purse repair in Toronto. If the original color or finish of your bag is worn, discolored or faded, recoloring the leather is an ideal option.

Refinishing Piping:  Known for expert leather bag repair in Toronto, let ShoeMedic give your old bag a new lease on life! We will custom mix a color match to gently refinish the distressed areas if the leather is fading on the piping or binding. This would be an appropriate choice for a bag that does not require a full re-dye.

Replace/Repair Leather Woven Through Chain: We can re-weave to fix the damaged area if the leather in the chain is unstitched. We can make a substitute if the leather is badly worn or disintegrated.

Replacement of Piping/Binding: We will absolutely replace piping (or the trim) around the perimeter of your bag.  In order to fix a worn spot, we can often by repair it by feathering in close-matching leather.

Reseal Edges: Corners and edges can split or peel along the top and sides of the bag and need to be resealed to produce a polished edge. To help avoid further harm to the leather, we can also apply an edge sealant.

Reseal Handle Edges: The edges of the handle can crack, peel, or fray with use. To seal and secure the handle edges, we can strip and reapply the edge coating.

Shorten/Lengthen Straps: We can adjust your strap to fit by shortening it, or lengthening it using leather or hardware parts, if the strap is not the right length for you.

Stitch and Rebuild Straps: If your strap does not need to be replaced, we are able to stitch loose threads and/or reinforce and restore them at the base where the hardware is attached. We will carefully open the handle seams to change or repair the damaged tubing when the inner handle tube has moved or cracked.

Structuring: Over time, the structure of a bag will slouch or cave in. To restore the loss of its shape, we carefully open the bag to add interior panels that are custom cut to suit your bag.

Tab/Handle Anchor Repair of Replacement: Tabs are often used to connect the strap or handles to the bag ‘s body. These tabs can weaken and tear with regular wear. We can rebuild the current tab when possible, and if not, we will configure new tabs to closely match the originals if it is badly torn.

Zipper Repair: We can re-align or replace most sliders if the slider is off course. A zipper can weaken or break over time. If it’s made from leather, we can create a custom substitute. Generic options are available for metal pulls. 

Zipper Replacement: We must repair the zipper when the zipper tape is ripped, or teeth are missing. We choose the best match possible for the color of the zipper tape and teeth, as well as zipper size.


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