Services: Shoe and Boot Repair

Wondering exactly what ShoeMedic can do for your shoes, heels, or riding boots? Look no further for shoe repair in Toronto or the GTA! Whether you’re looking for Christian Louboutin repair, Jimmy Choo repair, Valentino shoe repair, or anything in between- we’ve got you! ShoeMedic is your one stop shop shoe maker in Toronto.

Boot Calves: Not only can we stretch boot calves, but we can also add a panel to make them wider. We can also take in the calf to make it smaller or shorten the shaft height. Want to add a zipper? We can do that too. 

Collars: The rim of your shoes can tear, and when this happens we can easily replace the trim. 

Counters (Back of Shoes): The back of the inside of the shoe can wear over time, tear, or deteriorate in structure. We can restore, reinforce, and then reline the area. 

Elastics: Elastics can often be found connecting a strap to a buckle. If it has lost its elasticity, we can replace it. 

Heel Bases or Blocks: If your heel snaps from the base, it can usually be reattached. If the base cracks, it will need to be replaced. If an exact base is not available, we can change both with a similar replacement. Torn leather can be replaced with a match as well. For men’s shoes, we can replace or rebuild heel blocks if they have been subject to a lot of wear.

Heel Height: We are able to slightly modify the height of a heel. Higher or shorter. The extent of the height changes we can make depends on the style of the shoe. 

Insoles: If you are dealing with insoles that have drifted or started to curl, we can readjust them and seal them into place. When this is not possible due to extreme wear and tear, we can create new, custom insoles to perfectly fit your shoe. If you’re looking for additional comfort, we can also add foam padding underneath the insole. 

Ornaments: Whether it is tassels, buckles, rivets, bows, studs or anything in between, we can help! We can repair the original if possible, find a similar match, reuse some original parts, or, in some instances, order branded parts. 

Polishing and Cleaning: Need a quick buff or shine? ShoeMedic can polish your shoes for you. If your shoes need more than a polish, we can thoroughly hand clean your shoes, so they look as good as new. This is a good option for salt stains, mud, or mildew. We offer expert  shoe cleaning to Toronto and the rest of the GTA.

Protection: Here at ShoeMedic, we can apply Saphir Super Invulner Spray to keep your favorite shoes safe from the elements.

Reattaching Soles: We can weld or glue soles to adhere soles back to the shoe if they have separated. 

Refinish/Dye Leather: If your shoes have any color loss, we can mix a color match to dye as needed. 

Scratches/Tears: If your shoes are damaged, we can seal, smooth and refinish any kind of scrape or rip. 

Squeaks: If your shoes squeak when in use, we can fix this for you.

Stitching: If seams have become loose or open, we can re-stitch them back to new.

Straps: If the holes on your straps need attention, we can rebuild the area or smooth any lifted leather. We can also custom make a new set of straps if you lose one. In addition, we can repair or replace a tab that’s holding hardware if need be.

Stretching: If your shoes are uncomfortable or a tad snug, we can use a stretcher to marginally expand the shoe. We are also able to do this for the calves of any boots that are a bit too tight. 

Toe Box:  We can fill and seal or cover the damaged area if holes have formed at the front of the shoe. Depending on the extent of injury, if the toe box bends, we can fix it. Shoe trees are an ideal way of helping to retain the form of the toe box. Ask us about ordering a shoe tree!

Worn Sole: We can replace soles with leather or rubber (or both) when they have worn down or lost tread. We are happy to advise you on the most suitable option for your shoe. We are able to add a thin, protective sole on new shoes with leather soles to protect from the elements. 

Zippers: Can’t get your foot in your boot? We can add a zipper. Need a new zipper or a zipper repair? We can help. 


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