Weekly cleaning guide

Smooth leather

Weekly cleaning guide


Do you have resin or silicone on your shoes?

If your shoes are encrusted with dirt or have been treated with a polish from another brand, use RENO CLEANER (see Deep Cleaning Guide). It will remove stubborn stains, silicones or resins, which prevent the leather from breathing and cracking.

Step 1

Remove the laces

Remove laces and insert suitable wooden SHOETREES in your shoes

Step 2

Brush the leather

First remove any surface dirt or dust, using a HORSE HAIR brush with Sipo wood handle.
Gently rub the leather, paying particular attention to the folds and welt areas of the sole.

Step 3

Prepare the leather

How should RENOVATEUR CREME or the LOTION be used?

These should be applied with the Saphir COTTON CHAMOIS CLOTH by gently massaging the leather in small circular movements.

Why should one of these two creams be used?

To gently clean, hydrate and nourish the leather in order to prepare the skin to receive the polish. Those two creams will enable the pores of the leather to be dilated in order to increase penetration of the CREME 1925.

Step 4

Shoe care (the most important part)

Apply the CREME 1925 , specially formulated to enhance and give a long life to your shoes using the SPREADING BRUSH. Carefully dip the tip of the brush in the CREME 1925

How should CREME 1925 be applied?

Start by applying the cream to the sides of the shoes (on the welt seams to maximise the seal) using a back-and-forth motion, pressing lightly and paying particular attention to the folds. Leave to dry for a few minutes. Don’t forget to apply between the edge of shoes and the sole, you can use the SPREADING BRUSH to reach this part.

Why use CREME 1925?

This exclusive formulation will clean, nourish, recolour, shine and protect.

Step 5


Brush with a POLISHING BRUSH made of a Sipo wood and natural silk hair. It will enhance the natural wax shine from the CREME 1925. It is more convenient to use a black hair brush for black shoes.

Step 6

The final touch

Buff the leather with a COTTON CHAMOIS CLOTH to enhance the shine and remove any excess cream.

Do you need to use SUPER INVULNER?

Except for cases of extreme weather, the waterproofer is not necessary as the high concentration of natural waxes already protects the leather.