Suede & Nubuck – Routine care guide

Suede & Nubuck

Routine care guide


Step 1


Remove laces from shoes.

Step 2


First remove any marks or surface dirt using the SPATULA BRUSH.Gently rub the leather, paying particular attention to the folds and edges of the sole.

Step 3

GOMMADIN (not always necessary)

If your shoes are generally clean and something is just attached to the surface, you may also use the eraser: GOMMADIN

Gently use the GOMMADIN eraser only on the dirty marks.

Step 4

Recolouring and hydration

How should SUEDE RENOVATOR be applied?

Cover an outside area with newspaper and fill also your shoes with newspaper to protect the lining from being stained.

Hold at approximately 25 cm from the shoe and evenly spray the surface with SUEDE RENOVATOR. LEAVE TO DRY for 10 minutes.

WHY should Suede SUEDE RENOVATOR be used?

It cleans, refreshens the colour, nourishes with natural almond and waterproofs. The exclusive natural vegetable oil formula of SUEDE RENOVATOR will be able to restore the original softness of the suede and nubuck.

Step 5

Crepe Brush

You may want to use the NATURAL CREPE BRUSH.

Brush gently with the NATURAL CREPE BRUSH to help restore the skin’s natural feel. Always use a “back-and-forth” motion and the suede will be as good as new. The natural crepe has the unique characteristic of being naturally sticky, allowing small particles to be lifted from the suede while restoring the nap.

Step 6


This impregnator is highly concentrated. Formulated without silicone, it contains a non-greasy and non-drying solvent to avoid any risk of staining or damaging fragile surfaces such as nappa leather, silk,…

You should apply the SUPER INVULNER to protect shoes from getting stained or damaged.


To be convinced of the efficiency of SUPER INVULNER apply it to any leather goods. Allow to dry, then pour some water on the surface and you will see that the water cannot penetrate. Try the same test on goods that have not been treated. You will see that the leather becomes wet almost immediately.

SUPER INVULNER not only protects against water but also snow, dirt or stains. Always remember to protect your new leather goods.