Tarrago Sneakers Gloss Maker

Tarrago Sneakers Gloss Maker

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Tarrago Sneakers Gloss Maker is a solution specially designed to give a glossy finish on dyed leather, and helps to set the color.

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Revives the colors, softens and helps to prevent scratches.

Suitable for leather, synthetic leather and canvas.

  1. Shake before use.
  2. Apply a small quantity of lacquer over a soft sponge, like Tarrago dye applicator sponge.
  3. Spread evenly on the surface.
  4. Let dry 3 minutes.

It is better to apply one thin coat, than one thick coat of the product.



Unlock the ultimate finishing shine for your sneakers with Tarrago Sneakers Gloss Maker. A premium solution that is more than just a polish – it’s the final brushstroke of a masterpiece. Elevate the look of your favorite footwear and step out with confidence, showcasing a brilliant gloss that’s sure to turn heads.

Why Tarrago Sneakers Gloss Maker Stands Out:

  1. Triple-Action Formula: Not just an ordinary shine enhancer, Tarrago offers protection, revives color vibrancy, and softens your footwear’s texture, all while ensuring the longevity of the dyed leather.
  2. Optimal Finish for Dyed Leather: If you’ve just applied Sneakers Paint, this Gloss Maker is the complementary step you don’t want to skip, setting the color in place for a professional finish.
  3. User-Friendly Application: With its non-cracking water-based formula, achieve that impeccable sheen without the fear of damage or undesirable residue.
  4. Protection and Care: Apart from the aesthetic appeal, this Gloss Maker provides a protective shield against minor scratches, ensuring your sneakers always look fresh out of the box.


  • Convenient Packaging: The 125ml/4.40 fl.oz plastic bottle ensures you have ample product to consistently maintain that pristine shine.
  • Dynamic Formula: The white liquid solution is versatile, adapting to leather, synthetic leather, and even canvas for a versatile range of applications.
  • Application Wisdom: Remember, with Tarrago, less is more. A single thin coat guarantees optimal gloss, without the risk of over-layering.

Application Guide:

  1. Vigorously shake the bottle to awaken the potent formula.
  2. Imbue a soft sponge, like Tarrago’s dye applicator sponge, with a modest quantity of the Gloss Maker.
  3. Gently but evenly distribute over your footwear’s surface, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  4. Pause for a mere 3 minutes, allowing the magic to seep in and set, before showcasing your newly glossed sneakers.

Emanating elegance and finesse, every footwear enthusiast needs Tarrago Sneakers Gloss Maker in their arsenal. It’s not just about clean sneakers; it’s about sneakers that radiate sophistication, style, and an unparalleled gloss. Dive into the world of high-gloss footwear and let every step you take reflect brilliance.

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