Tarrago Water Based Lacquer

Tarrago Water Based Lacquer

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Tarrago Water Based Lacquer is recommended to fix alcohol base dyes.

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Tarrago Water Based Lacquer is recommended to fix alcohol base dyes. Revives the color and improves waterproofing.

Suitable for leather and synthetic leather.

  1. Apply a small quantity of lacquer over a soft sponge, like Tarrago Dye Applicator Sponge.
  2. Spread evenly on the surface.
  3. Let it dry.

This water-based lacquer can be applied on all Tarrago dyes.



Elevate the look and feel of your leather garments and tapestries with Tarrago’s Aqueous Lacquer, a specialist solution that promises to transform and rejuvenate. Designed meticulously for those leather items dyed with alcohol-based dyes such as Tarrago Color Dye, this unique formula ensures that your leather not only looks striking but feels luxurious too.

Why Choose Tarrago Aqueous Lacquer?

  1. Revive & Protect: The Aqueous Lacquer doesn’t just top-coat; it breathes life into colors, making them pop vibrantly, all while tenderly caressing the leather to make it supple and soft to the touch.
  2. Superior Fixation: Bid farewell to fleeting colors. Tarrago Aqueous Lacquer anchors them down, ensuring lasting brilliance and dynamism.
  3. Waterproofing Excellence: No more fretting over accidental spills or unpredictable weather. This lacquer creates a protective shield, keeping the leather safeguarded from moisture.
  4. Versatility in Finish: Whether you adore the impeccable sheen of a glossy finish or the subtle sophistication of a matte look, Tarrago has you covered. The glossy finish is enriched with nitrocellulose, guaranteeing a radiant shine and formidable color fixation. In contrast, the matte finish offers enhanced waterproofing, protection against the harsh sun, and resistance to abrasion, all without causing any yellowing or darkening.
  5. Universal Application: Tarrago’s water-based lacquer seamlessly pairs with all Tarrago dyes, ensuring consistent and uniform results every time.
  6. Eco-Friendly Choice: Being a water-based solution, it’s a nod to sustainability without compromising on quality.

How to Unlock Leather Perfection:

  1. Pour a modest amount of the Aqueous Lacquer onto a soft sponge, ideally the Tarrago Dye Applicator Sponge.
  2. Gently and evenly spread the lacquer across the desired surface.
  3. Allow it to dry, and watch the magic unfold!

For those who treasure their leather possessions and seek to showcase them in their finest avatar, Tarrago Aqueous Lacquer is the definitive choice. Breathe new life, ensure protection, and flaunt the charm of refreshed leather, all with a single application. Discover the luxury of rejuvenated leather today!

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