Tarrago Sneakers Matt Maker

Tarrago Sneakers Matt Maker

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Revives the color, softens and helps to prevent scratches

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Tarrago Sneakers Matt Maker is a solution specially designed to give a matte finish on dyed leather, and helps to set the color.

Suitable for leather, synthetic leather and canvas.

  1. Shake before use.
  2. Apply a small quantity of lacquer over a soft sponge, like Tarrago dye applicator sponge.
  3. Spread evenly on the surface.
  4. Let dry 3 minutes.

It is better to apply one thin coat, than one thick coat of the product.



In the world of footwear, sometimes it’s the subtle statement that speaks the loudest. Tarrago Sneakers Matt Maker is the quintessential solution for those seeking a refined, understated finish to their dyed leather shoes. A celebration of subtlety, this exceptional product masterfully converts any glossy surface into a matte marvel. It’s not just a look; it’s a style statement.

Why Tarrago Sneakers Matt Maker is a Must-Have:

  1. Tailored for Matte Lovers: Specifically formulated to impart a soft, matte finish to dyed leather, ensuring your footwear exudes sophistication without the shine.
  2. Color Enhancement: Beyond its mattifying prowess, this solution vivaciously revives colors, making them pop with muted brilliance.
  3. Protection Perfected: The Matt Maker doesn’t stop at looks. It acts as a guardian, softening your sneakers and offering a protective layer against potential scratches.
  4. Optimized for Dyed Footwear: If Sneakers Paint is your base, Tarrago Sneakers Matt Maker is the essential finishing touch. Ensure your color is set to perfection with a refined matte aura.


  • Practical Packaging: Comes in a 125ml/4.40 fl.oz plastic bottle, providing ample product for multiple applications.
  • Versatile Formula: This white liquid solution is crafted to perfection, suiting leather, synthetic leather, and canvas.
  • Layering Wisdom: A pro-tip for the perfect finish – a single, thin coat does the trick. No over-layering, no fuss.

Effortless Application:

  1. Start with a well-shaken bottle to activate the matte magic.
  2. Dab a small amount of the Matt Maker onto a soft sponge, preferably Tarrago’s renowned dye applicator sponge.
  3. With a gentle hand, spread the solution evenly across the shoe’s surface.
  4. Allow a brief 3-minute drying period, and voilà! Your footwear is ready to flaunt its new matte facade.

For footwear that resonates class and subtlety, Tarrago Sneakers Matt Maker is the ultimate choice. Step into a world where matte is the new black, where every stride echoes style and sophistication. Why just walk when you can make a statement?

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