Mirror shine guide

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Mirror shine guide


Thanks to the formulation of mirror gloss, creating a mirror shine is now so easy, it can be achieved by anyone.

WHEN should Mirror Shine be used?

If you want your shoes to be high-gloss, you can start this guide once your shoes are cleaned and polished: Refer to WEEKLY CARE.

WHERE should Mirror Shine be applied?

Mirror Shine should be applied to the stiffened areas of the shoe which do not bend (such as the toes and heels) in order to avoid the cracking of the finish.

Step 1

Shine with Pâte de Luxe

Pour water in a small glass or cup. for professionals, a high-shine glass water dispenser can be used.

Apply the PÂTE DE LUXE 1925 on to the leather in small circular movements. Only a tiny amount of wax polish is required.

Step 2


Leave it to dry few minutes

Step 3


Brush with POLISHING BRUSH made of Sipo wood and natural silk hair. It will bring out the natural wax shine. It is recommended to use a black hair brush for black shoes, and a light hair brush for clear polish.

Step 4

Mirror gloss

1. With a cotton cloth tighten around your 2nd & 3rd fingers, apply MIRROR GLOSS in circular movements on the area of the shoe to shine. Pressure on the leather must be light as the feeling is very touch sensitive. Renew application. As soon as you feel a grip, drop a few drops of water on the leather with your finger.

2. Gently stroke the leather with the same cloth while still doing circular movements. The aim is now to bring up the shine and give relief to the shoe by repeating previous steps to enhance the glazing shine. Glazing is a slow operation; repeat step a & b several times and don’t hesitate to alternate from left shoe to right shoe to allow the different layers to dry.

What is the difference between Pate de Luxe and Mirror Gloss?

MIRROR GlOSS, with the sole purpose to achieve the highest gloss, has been formulated by carefully choosing the hardest and shinier natural vegetal and mineral waxes. Based on turpentine, naturally greasy solvents introduced in the best proportions allow an optimal grip & drying process between successive thin coats of MIRROR GlOSS applications. It is the perfect product for use with the water drop process.

PÂTE DE LUXE MEDAILLE D’OR is naturally softer. It’s purpose is not only to high shine but also to clean, nourish & hydrate leather

Step 5


Let dry for ½ an hour without brushing the leather.

Step 6


Very gently buff with the specially designed POLISHING GLOVE. Using the polishing glove will prevent the mirror gloss from being scratched if you shine it with a brush.

Do you need to use SUPER INVULNER?

Except for bad weather, the waterproofer isn’t necessary after polishing with Saphir, as the high concentration of natural hard waxes already protect the leather.